200 Hour Training - $4,999

Tap into the power of Pranayama and the magic of Meditation & Mantras.

Learn the Mindset of the Masters, Qualities of an Outstanding teacher & Life Changing Leadership Skills.

Discover how to Release your ego & Focus on your students and their practice.

The Business of Yoga.

You will know how to teach Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced classes.

Learn Physiology, proper Alignment, Assisting & Adjusting.

Understand the subtle energy bodies;

    •  the 5 Koshas
    •  the 7 Chakras
    •  the primary Nadis
    • the 3 Gunas
    • the 3 Doshas 

Learn the importance of a Yogic diet, Detoxing & Kriyas.

Discover the ancient philosophies of the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras & the Bhagavad Gita.

Learn the Chinese 5 element theory & basic Feng Shui practices.

The Balance of Ying & Yang.

Unleash your inner Warrior and learn basic self-defense techniques. 

Discover & Destroy your F.E.A.R.s!  

The Healing powers of Kirtan & so much more...

If in the event that you cannot fully participate in the current training you are currently enrolled in, your tuition can only be credited toward a mutually agreed upon future training of the same exact value.

There are NO refunds.

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