300 Hour Training - $5,999

Not only will you Master the ‘basic poses’, you will now be introduced to many more challenging asanas (particularly inversions), and a much deeper understanding of the sacred scriptures (the Vedas, The Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita), sound breathing & vibration healing, advanced levels of mediation & pranayama, the sacred 'mantra for purification' and learn from truly amazing guest teachers & masters from many other different styles of yoga; including Dharma Yoga, Ashtanga & Jivamukti.

500 Hour Training - $6,999                  

*Private Training - 

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Leadership Training - $3,000

Our Goal is for you is not only to leave with a full 2 to 3 hour workshop you can teach anywhere, but also to become part of our New “T3 Program” (Teacher Trainer Team), where you will learn to do what I do! We will train you to lead the Awakened Warrior Yoga 200 hour trainings not only in LA but eventually across the globe! And as a special Bonus - the "Leadership Training" will include a Weekend Yoga Retreat.

If in the event that you cannot fully participate in the current training you are currently enrolled in, your tuition can only be credited toward a mutually agreed upon future training of the same exact value.

There are NO refunds.

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