2 week or 6 weekend Group Intensive Trainings

$4,999 200 hour training

$5,999 300 hour training

$8,999 500 hour training  

(200 & 300 hour combined)

$6,000 Leadership Training 

*must be a graduate of our 

300 hour T.T.

 2 week or 6 weekend


Intensive Trainings 

 This is an exclusive one-on-one (or two-on-one) program, where we will customize this training to meet your needs & schedule!

 Call for Prices.

Locations and Facilities:

L.A. (West Hollywood, Encino & Simi Valley)
N.Y. (Manhattan, Eastchester & the Bronx)
Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

This beautiful Simi Valley, 2 story location has a private yoga studio, a heated pool, 

2 racquet ball courts, a fitness center, a spinning room and plenty of parking!

California Locations

New York Locations