Testimonials from our recent Graduates

Close to 300 students from all over the world have graduated from this training and are now teaching yoga throughout New York, L.A., San Diego, Sacramento, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, India, Nepal, Malaysaia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, Mexico, Italy, London, Liverpool, Greece, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand, Armenia, Spain, Iran, Switzerland, the Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Egypt, Korea, Japan & China.

of our graduates have opened their own yoga studios! 

Dozens of our graduates have been hired by Crunch Fitness, Equinox, Yogaworks, St. John's University in N.Y., LA Mission College, LA Fitness, Gold's Gym and many of other top gyms, fitness centers and yoga studios all across the world.      

California Locations

New York Locations